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Aerial Visions Pro Support Vehicle Now Does Marketing!

I now have a 4-wheel drive billboard that lets everyone know what I do and how to get in touch with me.   Is it finished, yes, but only for now?  There may be some updates, changes or additions as time goes by.  We’ll see.  So far everyone that has seen it only had good things to say.  That is positive.  Does it provide the necessary visibility and clarity to get the message out quickly, as needed on a moving target?   I think so.

Is it a wrap? No. Why Not?

I did not choose to go with the wrap, primarily because of the economics. Granted a wrap can be much more eye-catching and complete.  I could not justify spending three (3) times more to get it done.  Yes, three times more.  We customized it to include some unique characteristics that make it stand out.  For example, The drones with an owl face, representing the “Wise Owls” of the company are on the hood and tailgate. The character behind the rear wheel “kinda” “sorta” resembles the real pilot.  A short, chubby guy with a gray beard and hair, what’s left of it, hair that is?   The red pinstripe, in my opinion, pulls it all together on the sides.  What do you think?

4-Wheel Drive Billboard

Advantages of discrete signage

One thing that quickly comes to mind is the flexibility to change.  Should something happen that necessitates a change to the signage, any part of it can be removed, modified and re-applied.  I don’t believe, and I could be wrong, that flexibility exists with a wrap.  A partial wrap, yes.   If I need to add some information such as QR code, website or anything else, it can be easily done.

The operational support vehicle is showing some of the extras needed.

Notice in the photo there is several drones, controllers, generator, fuel tanks, safety cones, as well as cases for additional batteries and safety gear.  Don’t sell these items short; they are essential to daily SAFE operations.  By the way, I don’t drive around with a drone and controllers on the hood.

Many extras needed for SAFE Operations


Best wishes for your marketing and on-going SAFE daily operations!


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