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Who We Are

  • FAA Part 107 Certified UAS Pilots.
  • Certified FLIR Thermography.
  • OSHA ,Construction Industry and Electric Utility SAFETY Training and Certifications.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified.
  • Applying months of transmission line inspection practical experiences with a major utility inspecting 115KV, 230KV up to 500KV Transmission Lines in many environments: urban, rural, and remote areas.
  • Applying more than 45 years of combined experiences with electric utility and telecommunications industries
    • Day to day technical hands on experiences;
    • Engineering and operations experiences; up to and including
    • Executive level management.
  • Applying years of wireless tower inspections for all carriers over 17 years of consulting services for local governments.
  • Applying more 3 years of wireless telecommunications facility inspections utililizing drone technologies.
    • Documenting and mapping of facilities to meet many different carrier requirements. 
    • Technical reviews and applying local regulations.
    • Physical inspections of facilities to verify conformity to standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Applying the aerial and visual technologies to wisely increase the cost effectiveness and safety of gathering required information.


AERIAL VISIONS PRO (AVP) provides a comprehensive set of professional UAS services to enable clients cost effective support of marketing, operational, inspection and other services, using sUAS technologies, analytical tools, expertise and knowledge based processes. Aerial Visions Pro, well versed in UAS industry technologies; safety, operating and maintenance standards and skills, are committed to Aerial Visions Pro’s values to assure clients of integrity and results. Highly valued professional UAS expertise, strategically located, enables clients to cost effectively make fully informed decisions based on facts.
  • We are HONEST in our dealing with others.

  • We Deliver or exceed what we promise.

  • We always demonstrate Commitment & Diligence in our efforts.

  • We are Friendly, Courteous, and RESPECT others.

  • We show TEAMWORK we OWN problems and are RESPONSIVE.

  • We are FAIR & INDEPENDENT in our dealings.

  • We are CUSTOMER DRIVEN and respond with a sense of URGENCY.

Objective: To provide aerial infrastructure services using small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS; “Drones”) in support of local governments, commercial and utility industries. Specializing in photo, video & thermography infrastructure imaging inspections of, electrical facilities (wind and solar,) gas facilities (storage and transport,) buildings, bridges and towers as well as aerial mapping services.

Certifications: FAA Part 107Certified UAS Pilots and FLIR® Certified Thermography.

Experience: Performing tower and electric utility inspections actively for the last three (3) years while accumulating hundreds of hours of sUAS flight time. While using a relatively new technology sUAS tools; adding 18 years experience in performing tower inspections on behalf of cities and counties in conjunction with a successful consulting business increases value and understanding of client goals. Previously, 25 years in telecommunications and utility industries at various management and executive levels supporting engineering and operational functions adds another level of understanding and value.

Formed an Alliance of Part 107 pilots (AVP Alliance) across the United States, in support of state governments and major corporation’s national coverage, that have similar and more advanced capabilities enabling us to support multiple projects geographically dispersed across the country cost-effectively.

AVP’s sUAS Equipment:

DJI M210 (dual battery; dual camera, vertically mounted camera, collision avoidance) equipped with X5s camera with lenses and filters to accommodate the varied job requirements, including Zenmuse XTR (Radiometric Thermal Camera). 

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 equipped with 20 MP/4K Video Camera. The system is capable of straightforward inspections and general mapping activities.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro equipment with low noise propellers, 20 MP/4K Video Camera.  The system is capable of many inspections and mapping activities that may be defined by clients. 

Liability Insurance:  Covers drone operations with a $2 million general liability coverage.  Additional available if required. 

Completed FLIR® Certification June 2017: a 4-day course in Dallas, Texas.

Part 107 Pilots Licensed passed with a score of 95 in September 2016. Re-certified by FAA in September 2018.  Private Pilot, Instrument Rated, with 500+ flight hours (not current.)

US Navy, Vietnam Veteran, serving as an Aviation Fire Control Specialist. Honorable Discharge.



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